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General Description


Doctors naturally need to take note of various diseases, most especially the rare ones. However, given the tasks they need to accomplish at the hospital, they might also need assistance to remember each important detail relevant to diagnosing diseases. With this, a clinical decision support system or CDSS that works on smart phone can greatly help doctors fulfill what is expected from them. An example of this CDSS is the innovative Caracal Diagnosis app.

The Caracal app works like a medical search engine that aids doctors to determine what disease corresponds to the given set of symptoms that a certain patient experiences. Using various factors, the app can help the doctor determine the probable diseases related to the symptoms, signs and lab results identified. Essentially, this breakthrough app aims to get the best results that could even surpass the human brain when it comes to the process of medical diagnosis. In turn, this could mean reduction of medical malpractice.

Without any doubt, the Caracal app is a valuable tool that can help medical practitioners such as doctors and nurses and, thus, providing better medical service to the patients who need proper attention and care.


About App

Caracal Diagnosis



Caracal app is a clinical decision support system that you can download to your smart phone. This can be of great help when it comes to determining diseases or medical conditions. The app is like a medical search engine in which you can simply input medical words—can be signs, symptoms or lab results—to be able to get the list of possible diseases that affect the patient. Interestingly, the possible diseases are arranged based on probability of each disease. The garnered results are based on several factors that the app considers. The developers envision that the Caracal app can surpass the ability of the human brain in identifying diseases and medical conditions based on the given signs and lab results.

The Process

The app works by matching the signs, symptoms and lab findings with the information stored in the database. The results are essentially based on mathematical equations and algorithms (patent pending), allowing you to see the arranged results based on the probability.

The app will display most probably results toward the top of the search. Various factors will be considered in the results the app will provide. These include how common is the disease, how important is disease (rare diseases but life-threatening would be ranked high), the degree of matching and importance of the combined entered symptoms, signs and lab results, and also some other rules. The developer's slogan behind Caracal Diagnosis is "Smart Diagnosis."

Database Content

At present, Caracal database stores 1600 diseases and medical conditions. Meanwhile, there are about 2200 symptoms, signs and lab findings that are to be matched with the diseases and medical conditions. The developers are now working on adding more diseases and medical conditions to include even the very rare diseases. This also goes with the signs, symptoms and lab findings to give more precise results for each search in the app.


How It Works?

 The attending user just needs to type in the related keywords to the signs, symptoms or lab findings with the help from a suggested medical terminology list. After inputting the necessary details, the app will match those with the 1600 diseases and medical conditions. The search results will then show a list of the possible medical condition or disease—arranged from the higher to lower possibility. The results will come up in less than two seconds. And also, are based on mathematical equations, so users are assured that scientific basis is constantly upheld. Checkup the screen shots to the right, which show actual results from the app!


Please note that Caracal is only a differential diagnosis tool and isn't supposed to give you any further information regarding medical conditions.

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Target Market

The Caracal app targets medical doctors in all specialties and especially in internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, surgery and also medical students and nurses. 


Unmatched Technology

At this moment, the Caracal app technology remains unmatched in terms of price, accuracy and convenience. Moreover, the quality that Caracal app offers such as the organization of the probability of the disease (with the higher to lower range). Also, no one has matched our user-friendly interface that makes things much easier for medical practitioners.


Caracal Diagnosis

Caracal Diagnosis is one of the most notable apps released that week according to!


Medgadget review by Dan Buckland: "Caracal Diagnosis is an app aiming to fill a niche. Sometimes a physician just wants a simple tool that will allow him to input signs and symptoms and quickly receive a differential diagnosis. That is exactly what Caracal Diagnosis does."


Gary Johnson via Caracal Diagnosis "serves a more useful purpose by helping professionals find information quickly and easily."


AppModo review by Mike Lata: "It is geared for medical professionals to be able to double check their findings and decide what diseases to treat based on patients’ symptoms".


AppAdvice review by Brent Dirks: "Even though I’m far from a medical professional, using the app was very simple and quick, and I can imagine it would come in handy for any medical professional looking to make a quick diagnosis".



iMedicalApps by Tom Lewis: "The sentiment behind Caracal Diagnosis is positive and there is no doubt that there is a role for apps like this in the future."



What our customers say:
- BreakerOfNations: "This is a great tool for being able to fact check, double check and get ideas about possible diseases your patients need to be treated for."
- md00zer: "App works smoothly, intuitive interface, easy to use. Good job! Thx."

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